Golden Hind Music

elcome to Golden Hind Music. We produce recordings of English traditional folk songs, particularly those performed by John Roberts & Tony Barrand and Nowell Sing We Clear. Also, Ye Mariners All. Our 100 Series are recordings made for Golden Hind, and first brought out on this label (starting in 1993). We are also releasing the back catalog of earlier recordings, primarily Front Hall Records LP re-releases, on our 200 Series. We also carry Roberts & Barrand recordings on other labels.

John Roberts & Tony Barrand, both English born and raised, have been singing together since 1969, when serendipity brought them together as graduate students at Cornell University.

On this website you will find information about all our recordings, plus notes and lyrics to all the songs.

Nowell Sing We Clear did their final concert tour in 2014. They are still active, and you can visit their Facebook Page for details of ongoing projects, including the preparation of a Nowell Sing We Clear songbook.

Visit Debra Cowan's webpage at

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