Bold Riley

Bold Riley was first given this more lyrical treatment by John Jones and the Oyster Band.

Oh the rain it rains the whole day long
     Bold Riley-o, Bold Riley
And that northern wind, blows steady and strong
     Bold Riley-o, gone away.
Goodbye my sweetheart, goodbye my dear-o
     Bold Riley-o, Bold Riley,
Goodbye my darlin', goodbye my dear-o,
     Bold Riley-o, gone away.

Oh the anchor's weighed and our rags are set
And them Liverpool girls we'll never forget:

We're outward bound for the Bengal Bay
Put a bend in your back, it's a hell of a way:

Cheer up, Mary Ellen, and don't look so glum,
Come White-Stocking Day you'll be drinkin' hot rum:

© Golden Hind Music