Carol for Christmas Eve

Listen, lordings, unto me, a tale I will you tell
Which, as on this night of glee, in David's town befell
Joseph came from Nazareth, with Mary that sweet maid
Weary were they, nigh to death, and for a lodging prayed:
     Sing high, Sing low,
     Sing high, sing low, sing to and fro
     Go tell it out with speed
     Cry out and shout all round about
     That Christ is born indeed.

In the inn they found no room, a scanty bed they made
Soon a babe from Mary's womb was in a manger laid
Forth He came as light through glass, He came to save us all
In the stable, ox and ass before their maker fall:

Shepherds lay a-field that night to watch the wandering sheep
Hosts of angels in their sight came down from Heaven's high keep
Tidings, tidings unto you, to you a child is born
Purer than tne drops of dew and brighter than the morn:

© Golden Hind Music