Diego's Bold Shore

I first heard Diego's Bold Shore sung by Eliza Carthy in concert at the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Later I found out that it is in Gale Huntington's book Songs the Whalemen Sang. How could I have missed it?

Has a love of adventure, a promise of gold
Or an ardent desire to roam
Ever tempted you over the watery world
And away from your kindred and home
With a storm beaten captain free hearted and bold
And a score of brave fellows or two
Inured to the hardships of hunger and cold
And a fearless and a jolly good crew.

Have you ever stood watch where Diego's bold shore
Looms up from the Antarctic wave
Where the snowy plumed albatross merrily soars
Over many a mariner's grave
Have you heard the masthead's man sing out there she blows
Seen the boats gaily leave the ship's side
Or the giant fish breach 'neath the harpooner's blows
Till the blue sea with crimson is dyed.

Have you seen the foam fly when the mighty right whale
Thus boldly attacked in his lair
With a terrible blow of his ponderous tail
Sends the boat spinning up in the air
Or where the green isles of the evergreen glades
Are teeming with dainties so rare
Have you ever made love 'neath the coco's green shade
To the sweet sunny maids that dwell there.

Have you ever joined in in the boisterous shout
Reaching far through the heaven's blue dome
When rich in the spoils you have purchased so dear
You have hoisted your topsails for home
Or when the dark hills of Columbia arose
From out the blue waves of the main
Have you ever relived the unspeakable joy
Of meeting with loved ones again.

Let those who delight in the comforts of home
And the joys of a warm fireside
Who deem it a peril the ocean to roam
In the cots of their fathers abide
Though not a day nearer we reckon our death
Though daily we sport o'er our graves
No sweeter they'll slumber beneath the green sod
Than we in the boisterous waves.

© Golden Hind Music