Farewell Nancy

Cecil Sharp collected Farewell Nancy in Somerset in 1905; again, A. L. Lloyd, one of several singers who recorded versions of it, seems to have had a hand in "folk-processing" the lyrics.

Fare you well, my dearest Nancy, for now I must leave you
All across the western ocean I am bound for to go
Don't let my long absence to trouble and grieve you
For I shall return in the spring, as you know.

She says, Like a pretty sea boy I'll dress and go with you
In the midst of all danger your help I'll remain
In the cold stormy weather, when the winds they are a blowing,
My love, I'll be ready to reef your topsail.

Oh, your slender little hands they couldn't handle our tackle,
And your delicate feet to our top mast can't go
Your little behind, love, would freeze in the wind, love,
I would have you at home when the stormy winds do blow.

So fare you well, my lovely Nancy, since now I must leave you
All for the West Indies I am bound for to steer
But though we are parted, my love, be true-hearted
And I will return in the spring of the year.

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