Hog-Eye Man

Oh, who's been here since I've been gone,
A railroad navvy with his sea-boots on.
     With a hog-eye, Steady on the jib with a hog-eye
     Row the boat ashore with a hog-eye-o
     She wants the hog-eye man.

Now the hog-eye sailors roll and go
When they come down to San Francisco.

Oh Sally's in the garden shellin' peas,
Her golden hair hangs down to her knees.

And Sally's in the parlor a-sittin' on his knee,
Kissin' the sailor come from sea.

A hog-eye ship and a hog-eye crew,
A hog-eye mate and skipper too.

So fetch me down my riding cane,
For I'm off to see my darling Jane.

© Golden Hind Music