Leave Her Johnny

Leave Her Johnny is a popular chantey often sung round the capstan at the end of the voyage.

Now the times was hard and the wages low
     Leave her, Johnny, leave her
But now once more ashore we'll go.
     And it's time for us to leave her.
     Leave her, Johnny, leave her
     Oh, Leave her, Johnny, leave her
     For the voyage is done and the winds don't blow
     And it's time for us to leave her.

She would not wear, she would not stay,
She shipped it green both night and day.

It was rotten meat and weevily bread
You'll eat it or starve, the old man said.

The winds were foul, all work no play
To the Davis Strait and back to the quay.

I thought I heard the old man say
You may go ashore and get your pay.

It's time for us to say goodbye
For the old pierhead is drawing nigh.

© Golden Hind Music