John Roberts & Tony Barrand

n their many years together as a professional team, Roberts and Barrand have recorded with a number of companies including Swallowtail Records, Front Hall, Folk-Legacy Records, National Geographic, and most recently, Golden Hind Music. Below are listed all known recordings by the duet and with their quartet Nowell Sing We Clear. Also listed are any compilations where their music is featured.

John Roberts, Sea Fever, 2007 CD Golden Hind GHM-108.
John Roberts & Tony Barrand, Twiddlum Twaddlum, 2003 CD Golden Hind GHM-107.
Various Artists, A Christmas Celtic Sojourn, 2001 CD Rounder 11661-7042-2.
Nowell Sing We Clear, Just Say Nowell, 2000 CD Golden Hind GHM-105.
John Roberts & Tony Barrand, Heartoutbursts: English Folksongs Collected by Percy Grainger, 1998 CD Golden Hind GHM-103.
John Roberts & Tony Barrand, Naulakha Redux: Songs of Rudyard Kipling, 1997 CS/CD Golden Hind GHM-104.
Nowell Sing We Clear, Hail Smiling Morn!, 1995 CS/CD Golden Hind GHM-102.
John Roberts & Tony Barrand, A Present from the Gentlemen: A Pandora's Box of English Folk Songs, 1992 CS/CD Golden Hind GHM-101.
Various Artists, Champlain Valley Festival Highlights, 1990 Champlain Valley Festival.
Nowell Sing We Clear, The Best of "Nowell Sing We Clear" - 1989.
Nowell Sing We Clear, Nowell Sing We Clear, Vol. 4, 1988 LP Front Hall FHR-039 (re-released 1988 CS/CD Golden Hind GHM-201).
Nowell Sing We Clear, Nowell Sing We Clear, Vol. 3, 1985 LP Front Hall FHR-036.
John Roberts & Tony Barrand, Live at Holsteins!, 1983 LP/CS Front Hall FHR-031 (re-released 2000 CD Golden Hind GHM-203).
Nowell Sing We Clear, The Second Nowell, 1981 LP Front Hall FHR-026.
John Roberts & Tony Barrand, To Welcome in the Spring, 1980 LP Front Hall FHR-022 (re-released 1980 Golden Hind Music).
Various Artists, Clearwater II, 1977 Hudson River Sloop Restoration.
Nowell Sing We Clear, Nowell Sing We Clear, 1977 LP Front Hall FHR-013.
John Roberts & Tony Barrand, Dark Ships in the Forest: Ballads of the Supernatural, 1977 LP/CS Folk-Legacy FSI-65 (re-released 1997 CD Folk-Legacy CD-65).
Various Artists, The Audience Pleased, 1976 Oberlin College.
John Roberts & Tony Barrand, Mellow With Ale From the Horn, 1975 LP Front Hall FHR-04 (re-released 1975 Golden Hind Music).
Various Artists, Clearwater, 1974 Hudson River Sloop Restoration.
Various Artists, Songs and Sounds of the Sea, 1973 National Geographic Society.
John Roberts & Tony Barrand, Across the Western Ocean: Songs of the North Atlantic Sailing Packets, 1973 LP/CS Swallowtail ST-4.
Various Artists, Pleasant and Delightful, Vol 2 - Living Folk F-LFR 2 - 1972.
John Roberts & Tony Barrand, Spencer the Rover is Alive and Well...: Traditional English Ballads and Songs, 1971 LP/CS Swallowtail ST-1.

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